William A. Flanagan

Even among successful attorneys, Attorney William A. Flanagan has a unique background. After earning a law degree in 2005, Attorney William A. Flanagan took the initiative and moved his way up into different significant positions so that he could get the skills and experience he needed to better serve his community.

While in these other roles, Attorney William A. Flanagan knew that he wanted to do the most that he could to help the largest number of people. On his journey, he has amassed the skills and experience to change people’s lives.

Leadership Positions

In a relatively short time, William A. Flanagan has had several important leadership positions. As a Former Mayor of Fall River Massachusetts, he was the figurehead and actual leader of the city, fulfilling administrative duties and making decisions that would have an impact on the community.

As a Former Supervising Prosecutor of the Bristol County District Attorney’s Office, Attorney William A. Flanagan not only helped in the prosecution of cases, he learned the inner workings of the Prosecutor’s Office. He understands how cases are prosecuted, and how charging and dismissal decisions are made.

As Former City Solicitor of Taunton Massachusetts, Attorney William A. Flanagan took on extra responsibilities and learned yet more of the inner workings of law and government. As City Solicitor, he learned to look at cases from the opposite side most attorneys are limited to.

Successful Law Practice

Successful in divorce and custody cases,  Attorney William A. Flanagan has helped his clients navigate through complicated family law issues, providing competent, caring counsel with multiple issues including child support and modifications.

Attorney William A. Flanagan has also been successful in representing plaintiffs in personal injury cases, helping them to recover what they are owed from those who are responsible for their injuries.

Experienced in civil litigation,  Attorney William A. Flanagan has won civil disputes. Because he has worked the cases from both sides, he is efficient in analyzing the details of the lawsuits.

An Attorney You Want on your Side

Attorney William A. Flanagan has proven himself to be capable and accomplished in a short time. If you want an attorney you know will back you up, call The Law Office of William A. Flanagan today for help with your legal needs.

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