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If you’ve recently been arrested in Massachusetts, you may currently be experiencing severe stress and anxiety. Your entire future is at risk; the wrong sentence could lead to years in jail, plus a reduced ability to secure the housing and employment you desire. Given the severity of these consequences, it is imperative that you seek counsel and representation from a criminal defense lawyer you can trust.

The Repercussions of Criminal Sentencing

If you do not emerge from your current criminal case with a favorable outcome, you could face a variety of problematic repercussions. Fines are particularly common, but for some sentences, these can reach tens of thousands of dollars, leaving you in financial peril. You may also be required to spend dozens of hours fulfilling community service requirements. Mandatory treatment could be ordered if your charges in some way involve drug or alcohol consumption. Depending on the nature of the alleged offense, you may even be required to spend time behind bars.

Sadly, the repercussions of criminal charges may continue long after you’ve completed your sentence. Landlords and employers do not look favorably on criminal records and may be reluctant to grant you housing or employment. You may also experience damage to your reputation, with formerly close friends and family members suddenly acting distant. All this can bring about a hit to your personal confidence.

The impacts of criminal charges are too severe to be ignored, but thankfully, you can avoid many of these issues simply by working with a skilled criminal defense lawyer. Your attorney can help you secure reduced charges, a not guilty verdict, or even a case dismissal.

Working With a Criminal Defense Lawyer

Your work with a criminal defense lawyer should begin as early as possible. Ideally, your attorney will guide you through initial questioning and help you avoid self-incrimination. From there, your attorney can assist you every step of the way, offering valuable representation through arraignment, plea bargaining, and at juried trials, if necessary. No matter the stage of the criminal process, you can count on the Law Office of William A. Flanagan for support.

Do not let criminal charges eliminate your freedom or harm your future. Contact the Law Office of William A. Flanagan to learn how you can minimize the potential for harsh criminal penalties.

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