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Divorce And Child Custody

The Law Office of William A. Flanagan, Family Lawyer, is ready to fight for your legal rights during a family issue. Family law is the legal category of law that includes divorce, child custody and visitation issues. It can encompass other issues as well. The following is more about family law and how the Law Office of William A. Flanagan can help you through this challenging time:

Divorce Cases

The process of divorce is never easy. Even when both parties agree the relationship is over, there are many issues that can come about during the process that can cause contention. Since emotions tend to run high during these situations, you should have a level head on your side. That’s where we come in. If there are disagreements regarding any aspect of your divorce, whether it be over who gets what property or who gets custody of the children, you need help ensuring you don’t lose what is rightfully yours. Our history serving families in situations like these allows us to guide you through the process as painlessly as possible. Remember, even if you and your spouse agree on virtually everything, it is still wise to have an attorney look over your forms and ensure you have completed them correctly.

Custody Issues

Custody disagreements are a huge aspect of many divorces. Along with visitation rights and child support payment amounts, custody issues typically cause the most conflict in these cases. Child custody is the legal terminology used to describe which parent will make the decisions for the child (legal custody) and with whom the child will reside (physical custody). Ideally, joint physical and legal custody is awarded, which means parents share equally in these roles. However, not every situation lends itself to this arrangement. For example, there are reasons a child shouldn’t be around one parent as much, such as abusive situations. Our legal team will work with you to ensure your child’s best interest is served, no matter your unique situation.

Contact us at the Law Office of William A. Flanagan today. Our practice areas include divorce along with other family law issues like child custody. Therefore, we understand what it legally takes to resolve your family issue in a positive manner. If you are unsure you need our services, come in for a consultation to learn more about what our legal team can do to help you through this trying time in your life.

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